K Square

What we do

Here are a few ways how we can help you find the right mortgage solutions

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Home Purchase
Let our experts help in finding you a dream home with mortgage solutions that are tailored to serve your needs.
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Whether it's improving your mortgage interest rate, reviewing your options due to your existing mortgage expiring, consolidating debt or raising capital for home improvements, you can trust us to find a suitable remortgaging lending option for you.
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Unlock Equity
Need to liquidate? Unlock cash on your existing properties for renovations, investments or other purchases. We not only help in working out the best equity options for you, but also advise on utilizing funds for further investments.
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Looking to invest in your 2nd home? Our experts can get you a holiday home with easier documentation and high LTVs.
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Commercial & Building Finance
We excel in designing tailor-made mortgage options for your commercial property. From warehouses, office and retail space to investing or expanding your portfolio, we have got it all covered. You can also get finance on a new purchase or cash out your existing building based on rental income.
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UK Mortgages
We offer competitive mortgage rates and terms for UAE Residents wanting to purchase property in the UK.
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Multiple Units
Looking to transact in multiple properties? We can get you the best mortgage deals in the industry. Considered to be high-yielding, investing in multi-unit properties is the ideal way of diversifying your portfolio.
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Land Purchase
Whether you need a piece of land to construct your dream home or as an investment, we have it all covered for you. Avail high loan amounts with easy documentation.
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Construction Finance
Build your home the way you always wanted it. Let us help you build your home by giving options up to 80% of the market value with engineering and project monitoring services at no extra cost.

Make Us Your
Mortgage Partner

Applying for a mortgage can be complicated. We make that our problem, not yours. Here’s how we hold your hand, take your worries and make your mortgage journey as pleasant as possible.

We Understand Your Goals and Requirements
We start by finding out a little about you and your home buying goals so we can give you the best solution.
We Review Your Financials and Advise Solutions
If you want a mortgage Lender to take you seriously, you need an expert. As part of our free consultation, we assess your finances, understand your income, monthly bills and what you have saved to buy a home. We’ll calculate and provide you with the best possible solution to get you a mortgage.
Pass Your Mortgage Hassles onto Us
Once you are engaged with us, we become your family advisor. You can then relax and trust your mortgage expert to negotiate with Lenders on your behalf and get the best deal out based on your financial circumstances and requirements. We find out pricing that works for YOU.
Get Approved
Get approved and select the pricing options that work out the best in your interest. Our advisors go the extra mile and suggest options that will save you time, money, hassle and create investment opportunities.
Close with Confidence
We’ll get you to the most exciting part of buying a home as fast as possible with pleasant surprises towards the end of your mortgage transaction.


Let’s make your dream home a reality.

KSquare is a client-first company. Your information will only be used for mortgage purposes and always remain private, safe and secure.